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Personal injury lawyer Gary R. Johnson brings nearly three decades of in-depth injury litigation experience to your case. With years of experience working for insurance companies, he understands the processes, knows how to deal with insurance companies, and will get you the most compensation for your personal injury claim.

If you were injured in an auto, motorcycle or bicycle accident, or hit by a drunk, underinsured driver, were bitten by a dog, or had a slip and fall accident, brain or head injury or are dealing with a wrongful death case –  you can trust Gary R. Johnson to be your best personal injury advocate.

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Gary is the business! Could not have done a better job of assessing our situation and attempting to make the best of it! Astoundingly professional, but keeps it real, with a beautiful sense of tactfulness. Love this man! Would highly recommend for any type of injury consulting. 10/10!”

– Cameron, Google My Business

Tips from Gary’s Law Blog

Traumatic Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a general term, typically associated with a closed head injury. It is also commonly referred to as a concussion. In most cases, a car crash, a slip and fall accident, or a sports injury are the root causes. In my years as a TBI attorney, I’ve seen my share of cases, and here’s what I’ve learned.
Doctor assessing a traumatic brain injury

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need – Really?

Every driver in Oregon is required to have car insurance. Driving without it can get you a ticket with a fine of up to $427. In case of an accident, it begs the question then: How much car insurance do you need – really? And what kind? I’ll untangle the confusing web of car insurance coverage types for you.
How much car insurance do i need?