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How Does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Work in Oregon?

So you’ve been in a car accident. No matter the impact of your injuries, you’re likely faced with medical bills, have missed work, and owe your babysitter for childcare while you were in the hospital. You’re in luck however: there is this thing called Personal Injury Protection Insurance – or PIP. And whether you knew it or not – you’ve already paid for it, and will be able to reap the benefits. How does it work here in Oregon? Let…
PIP insurance helps with injuries

Rules of the Road for Bicycles in Oregon

With its ever-changing scenery and (largely) unpopulated roads, Oregon is a joy to experience from the saddle of a bicycle. But if you ride a lot or in dense city traffic, you also know how vulnerable you are. Here’s are the rules and laws you should be aware of if you frequently ride a bicycle in Oregon.
Woman not obeying the rules of the road for bicycles in Oregon

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Oregon

Wrongful death lawsuits are cases in which someone has been killed by another person’s unreasonable or negligent act. And while it’s a devastating time for your entire family, it’s good to be informed about what to do next.  As a wrongful death attorney, I’m here to explain how these lawsuits work under Oregon law. 
Wrongful death lawsuits in Oregon

How to Report an Accident to the Oregon DMV

If you’ve been in a car accident anywhere in Oregon, you have to tell the DMV about the incident. This is true whether the police showed up and did a report, or if the accident was minor. But – how exactly do you report the accident to the Oregon DMV? And under which circumstances?
How to report an accident to the Oregon DMV